Drama, Filmes, Terror, Thriller

This Land Online

Assistir This Land Online Dublado Full HD Gratis. O filme foi lançado no ano de 2023, tem uma nota de 0.5 no site do Filmow e foi dirigido por Richard Greenwood Jr.

This Land online
Ficha técnica

Ava, a traumatized mother agrees to a rustic getaway on the 4th of July with her husband and son in hopes of putting back the pieces of their lives. It is the one-year anniversary of a violent home invasion that cost her unborn baby?s life.
However, after arriving at the cabin rental they learn they are double booked with a family with very different political beliefs. Tensions boil over the weekend as the families confront grief, race, and the divide within the country. They soon realise something else is trying to drive them apart? A band of sinister elites targeting them for an ancient ritual. This Land online

  • Título original: This Land (Original)
  • Gênero Drama, Filmes, Terror, Thriller
  • Média geral 0.5
  • Ano de lançamento: 2023
  • Dirigido por Richard Greenwood Jr
  • Países de Origem Estados Unidos da América
  • Estreia 2023
  • Elenco Adam Burch (Neil Owens), Khira Layne (Nurse), Matthew Vey (Randell), Rob Shiells (Masked Cult Member), Taylor Joree Scorse (Reagan)

Assistir This Land Online Dublado Full HD Gratis

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